Jordon Benefield
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Congratulations to our young drivers!  J
Jordon Benefield
Jordon Benefield

Jordon, a former student of Carrollton High School, finished his last year of high school curriculum online.  He graduated a year early in August 2019 with a 3.05 GPA.  He also completed the prelicensing for Real Estate all before his 18th birthday. 

He is being mentored by Matt Dooley Racing and expects to pursue a career in Real Estate.  However, a career in motorsports would be a dream come true.  He is the son of Lori McDowell, step son to Dino McDowell and son of Brandon Benefield.


Rookie Season

2017-2018 Bomber Division

Dooley recognized by The Short Track Rep

What I've learned:

  • Helped build my first Bomber, 602 Late Model Sportsman & 604 Crate Late Model Cars

  • Help work on my car each week

  • Use my weekly winnings to help pay for car parts

  • Securing my own Sponsors

  • Having fun at the track and learning how to promote what I love

  • Visited new racetracks like Senoia Raceway, Dixie Speedway, and Screvan Speedway.

  • Looking forward to moving up to bigger classes one day